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Modern Architecture

Leesville High School

The existing Leesville High School, primarily built in the 1960’s was in dire need of major upgrades. This project, completed in the fall of 2015, consisted of major demolition, renovations and additions done in a necessary phased program. Due to the need for keeping the campus in school for the duration of the project, strategic demolition followed by building additions had to be done in a carefully planned out sequence of work. The first step was to build a major two-story classroom addition near the front of the campus, followed by demolition of old classrooms and other facilities. The next step was to build new classroom, cafeteria, and library additions in the vacated spaces where demo was done. This was followed by the adaptive reuse of the old cafeteria and library for classroom and lab use. During this process, reroofing and renovations were completed as the school schedule would allow.


LaSalle Parish School Board


Leesville, LA

Completion Date

March 2015


153,330 SF

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